Sunday, February 10, 2008

Current In-Stock!!

Overall photo of what's currently available in varying quantities.

Bananas, two of them are still naked. Almost done. Banana and peel are not sewn together, so a naked banana can be cooked up as desired. ;)

A yummy BLT sandwich. No preservatives!

A very big breakfast. :)

Fresh from the garden!
I prefer this kind of carrot top - more kid-proof, at least with my kids. Carrots and beans can be made in any color I've got - we plant green and purple beans; orange, yellow, red and purple carrots in our garden.

Mmmm... corn. Corn cob can be removed from husk, and squished back in.

Farm fresh eggs. Bright white, natural, or beige. From small chickens - size may change shortly.

What else besides a peanut butter and jam sandwich? Grape, raspberry and strawberry jam to accompany the peanut butter.

Sandwich with all the fixin's.
Ham, turkey, cheddar, swiss, lettuce, tomato.

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